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Thread: Problems with ATI drivers, OpenCL SDK and Cpyrit

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    Angry Problems with ATI drivers, OpenCL SDK and Cpyrit

    I'm new to BT stuff so forgive me asking question that might seem stupid to more experienced BT/Linux users. And before you decide to not reading this post I would really appreciate any help from You.

    I read that you can boost PMKs calculation with GPU. So I've 'installed' latest ATI drivers, ATI SDK and Cpyrit for OpenCL but it shows only my CPU cores. So I tried this SDK Samples and they threw errors about some Failed Device ID. So it means it doesn't see my graphic card and that's because something wrong with drivers. Btw, samples with '--device cpu' option work fine.
    And that's my big problem . I tried everything (that I'm aware of).

    1. installing using this Installation Wizard
    2. manual installation using this guide:
      but I couldn't get to work execstack. I couldn't even download it. However
      execstack is within prelink package which installed without problems .
      When I tried to install ATI packages it said: couldn't resolve execstack, and some
      files didn't extracted. All in all, drivers didn't installed correctly.
    3. manual installation using this guide:
      Just didn't work.
    4. Removing every possible graphic driver before steps 2) and 3). Didn't work.
    5. Other stuff I can't remember and even describe. Didn't work.

    And every try was made on fresh BT4 r2 x86.

    When I write fglrxinfo it says every time "Segmentation fault", so drivers aren't working, I presume. Aslo amdcccle command threw an error about not finding any ATI drivers.

    I have ATI Stream installed on Win7 x64 and these samples works fine and shows my graphic card chipset and everything. It means that my card supports OpenCL I suppose.

    AMD Athlon 64 x2 3000+
    ATI HD 4850
    BT4 r2

    One more thing. This will be good . I'm using BT4 on pendrive, in Persistent Live Mode with made 4GB casper-rw file.


    If someone could tell me what am I doing wrong and tell me how to do it right I'd be very grateful.

    Sorry for my English.

    Here Mod Edit: no email required. or on forum. Wherever you want.
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    Default Re: Problems with ATI drivers, OpenCL SDK and Cpyrit

    Have you looked here?

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    Default Re: Problems with ATI drivers, OpenCL SDK and Cpyrit

    I just finished a long venture to get ATI drivers installed correctly on my Laptop with (ATI 5470). For some reason the newest ones didn't work so I ended up using a slightly older version (10.12 [high enough to get stream 2.3 installed]) which can be found on AMD's site. Also remember to check to make sure their 32bit as I believe thats what Backtrack 4 r2 is. I did get an execstack error at some point and I believe it was fixed by going into bios and making sure the graphics are set to use the discrete card (if your mobo has onboard integrated as well). Finally I'm not sure if using a live version matters with drivers, one of the experts around would be better suited to answer that. Once I got the ATI driver working, installing pyrit and stream went just fine and I can get at least 4500 PMKs/s with 3 i5-540 cores and GPU. Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Problems with ATI drivers, OpenCL SDK and Cpyrit

    Quote Originally Posted by iproute View Post
    Have you looked here?
    Yes. Even before this site in step 2. Didn't work.

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