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Thread: Backtrack 4 On M11xR2 Graphics Card 335m

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    Default Backtrack 4 On M11xR2 Graphics Card 335m

    I'm dual booting Backtrack 4 and Windows 7 on my M11xR2 but when i update the video card in Backtrack, i get an error no screens found, and even when i use fixvesa and change the xconfig file back to normal it doesn't work. I have used two methods of updating the backtrack auto update method and the actual driver i downloaded from the site, both ended with same results. I have also altered the xconfig file quite some bit to try to get it to work but still to no avail. It says video device isn't found err ("No Devices Detected") but that makes no sense because before installing the driver everything loads fine but obviously with no graphic driver and in low resolution. I've been looking everywhere to solve this and have tried a lot of things i was just curious if maybe there is an older driver that someone used that they know works for sure or not. Or if anyone knows the solution to this, thank you in advance I'm not to much of a noob so feel free to give complicated advice if you think it'll work.

    I have the 335m gt graphics card so if anyone else with this card or that series has had this problem and can let me know id much appreciate it ive looked everywhere for help and found non.

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    Default Re: Backtrack 4 On M11xR2 Graphics Card 335m

    Not a bug, moved.
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