Alrighty, running BTF4 from bootable/persistent USB, i have latest java JRE installed (which ended up fixing most of my other problems) and I have armitage updated fully.

Now, after running a scan using Zenmap (still too much of a Windows noob to go without my GUIs) and importing it into Armitage, I see my target listed as a Linux box, and it will show all the services it has running if I right click it, and the ability to log in, so all of that is working.

The problem lies in two areas, and I'm assuming it is the same issue for both: If i go to exploit, select linux, find an exploit which corresponds to what the Box has running, i open the exploit, fill out all needed information, then click launch exploit. And nothing happens.

Normally another shell will popup at the bottom, but for this, it does not. If running a scan, even if using ARP sweep and I do not set SMAC, it will at least pop up, telling me I didn't set smac, and thus the scan failed. I can also, apparently, use any module under Axillary, just not anything under exploit.

Also, if I just select HailMary by port/vulnerability, another shell WILL pop up, give a line db_host ******** where the asterisks are various flags, then it will say "could not determine listener for host ***.***.***.*** and thus prevents me from exploiting the box.

Im attacking the VMWare image metasploitable, as well, if that helps.