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Thread: how to apt get update ? and ati drivers ?

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    Default how to apt get update ? and ati drivers ?

    Hi i'm newbie of bt2
    Could someone tell me how can i make an upgrade od system by inet and take a right driver for ati radeon 7000 video adapter ?

    Thanks a lot

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    If you have bt2 on Hard disk this should be easy.

    At splashscreen read gui commands.
    you can either go with startx or ati
    if you prefer you can go thru xorgconfig.
    personally go to ati download linux driver and then aticonfig after reboot.

    If you want to update going forward


    slapt-get --update

    slapt-get --dist-upgrade

    slapt-get --upgrade

    that should get you up to date or else screw things up as slax hates slapt-get updating some modules, bt2 by default limits you to only updating non essential packages ie kernel etc, so you could un-install and re-install old packages.

    If you want better package management and upgrade capability go with nubuntu and use apt-get
    Frank made me do it!

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    you can use gslapt downloable on slax download module page
    you need slapt-get and other dependencies
    it's a gui for slapt-get really cool with search fonctions

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