ok i just installed on a partition and got it to work. so when sending a link to someone outside my network what ip do i give them? the same 192.168.1.??? that wont work right?
That indeed will not work. Apparently my previous suggestion on reading about local host was too limited in scope. Read up on why it won't work. Try searching for "Private network" or "unroutable ip" or this. Also, if you are going to be testing things over the internet with a consenting friend's computer or the like (because you would never try on an unwitting victim) then consider getting yourself a free domain name from some place like no-ip.org.

another question. i have it working but its just blank. how do i start the connection to the session. i tried sessions -i (number off session) and it just disconnected me
You didn't provide enough details to help on that one, but I would keep trying to fix it yourself. Troubleshooting is a useful skill.