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Thread: Nvidia optimus

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    Default Nvidia optimus

    Hello guys, this is a very discussed issue probably, anyway, as all of you must know, the nvidia optimus technology does not have a proper linux driver yet.
    I own an Asus k52JC, and i only use backtrack for its tools, not as my main OS. I can't even use ubuntu, because as i said, no nvidia driver yet.
    My question is: anyone knows a way to at least get the intel graphics going on? I mean, just to get at least a decent monitor resolution? i don't care about nvidia here, backtrack is not for gaming, but at least would be nice to have more "room space"

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    I am not sure on the Intel driver issue but in this case I would think it'd be much easier to just run a VM. Preconfigured images are just a download away.
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    Have a look at this post for a decent resolution with Intel HD Graphics. I have the same laptop.

    Hope it helps.

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