Hi, this is my 1st post,

ok i am a big fan of BT, have been using it (well trying) since BT3

i am not a linux expert what so ever, but i will always have a play around and try to learn something for my self, i always find its the best way to learn.

ok more to the point, i have cracked wep many times before, but i am trying to crack a wep network atm, but i am having some troubles.

before when i did it i was using some intel chipset which was built into my old laptop,

i have since purchased a new one and i have also purchased the D-Link DWL G122 REVC usb adaptor,

from what i understand it uses the ralink chipset/drivers, but i am having some troubles with this device as i said.

ok here is a list of what i have done,

checked the monitor mode. - seems to be working
checked packet injection, - seems to be working

but when scanning the AP i dont seem to be getting APR's / ACKS ?

can anyone point me in the right direction please ?

i have been googleing for about 2 weeks not but nothing.