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    Smile WarDriving POLL

    To all,

    I am having a ball with BT2. And, the benefit to me is that on my own system I have converted to WPA and No SSID. And, I am slowing learning Linux and BT2...another plus.

    But, wondering with all the forums, software, and the nice BT2 CD (and other CDs out there), what is the main usage by all the folks out there? What percentage of the users are:

    ...Security Professionals
    ...War Drivers
    ...Travellers tieing into Airport or other WEP hotspots

    And, yes, I know the last one is illegal....but, .... I wonder what the % is who actually do that. Seems like in an urban area....this would be tempting.

    And, what is the Wardriving all about? What is the goal or pleasure? Is it kind of like gps treasure hunting?

    Just wondering. I have high speed DSL but realize from the forums and web sites that there seems to be a pretty hefty industry built around this software.

    Even on ebay, the sellers seem to know what the hot BT2 cards are with higher prices.

    Any thoughts or inputs?


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    Smile Poll Results Are In


    Must be category #3 based on the poll results!

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    lol category 3 again
    im voluntary homeless, living in an campingtruck(11T), and i need web when im travelling, so yes category 3 too
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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    There seems to be some confusion about what live cds are really good for.

    I'm a long term linux user. I use live cds, including BT, for many things, on and off the job. There is so much more to a live linux system than just the ability to steal someone's bandwith. I've recently used a live cd to do all of the following:

    System recovery
    copying and partitioning hard drives
    checking system compatibility before ...
    installing linux and that other OS
    trouble shooting and testing hardware
    cleaning up spyware and viri on that other OS and occasionally changing some lusers password that they managed to forget.
    data recovery
    trying and learning new applications or new versions of old applications
    Portable system, in your pocket
    and, of course, hacking and stealing my next door neighbor's internet connection. That's a joke, BTW. All my neighbors run wpa. I should know, I set most of them up.

    I modified a live cd several years ago to recover files off an old Xenix system. That job bought a few sushi dinners. :-)

    From reading some of these posts, I'd say the #1 use BT sees around here is education. I've made lots of converts with live cds. Everybody has to start somewhere. When I started using linux, by the time you got it installed and running, you'd actually learned something. People starting out now don't realize how good they've got it. I get a real kick when I see someone complaining that some point and click app doesn't work or menu entries are wrong. The "I'm being hacked" posts are a riot.

    Knowing something can be done is half the battle.

    Have Fun

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