Hello guys,

I've been searching and asking around in a lot of places, trying to gather all the info i can...but i'm not yet convinced, so i decided to come here and ask your help.

Problem: Wireshark captures only my traffic, and not for the other computers in my network.

Solutions tried:

1 - At first i was using windows 7 + wireshark + winpcap. I could capture only my own packets, either in promiscuous mode or not.

2 - Following someone's advice, i burned up a copy of backtrack 4 and messed out a bit with it. Funny thing is: i could actually see the other comouter's names appearing on the log...but no http traffic at all, and i'm 100% sure they were browsing websites.

I've just been told: hey you can't capture other computers packets on your wireless, because probably your router doesn't support "port mirroring".

So i went gogling a lot about that, and actually it doesn't support, so can't monitor anything. But i didn't quit...because i find it hard to believe..i mean, is that impossible at all?
Also i heard about arp poisoning? would that help? i'm kinda confused here. I think it's just weird..i mean, i'm connected through wireless...and i can grab my http traffic, chat conversations and whatever, but not from the other computers?

If i start using ettercap, would it make a difference?
thanks in advance