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Thread: Wireless card help!

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    Arrow Wireless card help!

    My wireless card in my PC does not support packet injection so I was thinking about buying this: <- its a Norwegian website so I got it translated.

    If that doesnt support it, does this?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Wireless card help!

    boy .. looks that its chipset is RTL8187
    so it works with aircrack well and can inject .. but if you search to a card has atheros chipset so that will be much better
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    Default Re: Wireless card help!

    If i was you i would have simply checked the compatibility section on aircrack`s web page and save a day waiting for a reply. If you read up on it you`ll find out half of the document is dedicated to "Which is the best card to buy?", which is pretty much what you`re asking.
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