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    Default invalid dep range

    Hi, I am booting of a firewire live CD, and since backtrack2 does not recognize my firewire (like PCLinuxOS doesn't) I put the contents of the iso on my C:/ and it booted but at some point gave me an error that is in the picture below... It repeated like a million times the I manual rebooted...

    What's wrong over here? Bad iso? Corrupted file?


    BTW, its an Acer Ferrari 1000 notebook... - sorry cant post pics until i get 15 posts... this is a link... Just put a www before it.. thanks...

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    Red face Any help?

    Did I come to a community with lack of "not newbs?!

    Can anyone please give me at least an idea why this might happen?!

    Bad iso? I checked the md5 sums it's ok... Pleeeease help!

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    Red face

    No one knows??!?!?

    Should I just go to bug reporting..

    It looks to me it does not recognize my hdd! Or the "codec" which I think means like NTFS? It does recognize it it seems since in boots of a NTFS partition...

    Wait a minute! It's i the pci section so it's some device... Maybe it's my broadcom? Bu why doesn't it just skip it?! What does hda mean? and src_drivers?

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    I'm a noob too and just had the exact same problem on my laptop. Let it sit there for a few minutes and it did eventually continue without a problem. Might have to just let it sit a bit.

    I'm not doing anything fancy. Just booting straight from the CD, using the onboard CD drive in my laptop.

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