Hi, Recently I've updated to Backtrack 4 R2 on my laptop, but I'm having some problems with my internet connection. At first the adapter couldn't find any networks. So I tought to install some drivers. I haven't done that yet and it was my first time but I've downloaded some files zipped in .tgz and extracted the content of those files into the "" folder in my laptop (Into the backtrack 4 r2 partition). Than I've opened shell console and typed "start-network" to start the network and opened Wicd wireless manager. It found the wireless internet connections around me! So I've connected it to my home network. It connected to my network. So I've launched firefox went to a website. The website loaded normally but when I went to a link in that site the internet connection broke It seems that I can connect to the internet but it breaks after a short time about 15 sec. I've got Ubuntu 10.10 on a onther partition as well as Windows XP and in both of them the internet works perfectly. Hope someone can help me

p.s. I did a fresh install of Backtrack4 r2 using my flash drive.