I'm trying to install the nVidia drivers, but each time I try I get the X Server error, because is still "active" and the Konsole warns me to turn it off.
I tried pressing Ctrl,Alt and BackSpace, but I'm not able to see what's going on, the system it's like stucked... Also if I type that "startx" command, I can't login after all that
Tried pressing Ctrl, Alt and F2/F3 too, but nothing happened.
I correctly downloaded the drivers for this video card in both modes I seen in this Forum: With the command line and directly from the official nVidia site standard manual download), but each time I'm not able to install it.
I'm sure it's some setting with that X Server.
I'm trying to do all this from yesterday, I still not slept. I'm being crazy against this, but I'm sure I'm writing/doing something wrong, this distro is awesome!
What I must do for clear some Disk-cache error?
Sorry for being not properly correct posting, I'm from Italy and my english is still bad.