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Thread: GRUB and Windows booting?

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    Question GRUB and Windows booting?

    Hi everybody,

    I have a problem between Windows and Backtrack. I installed backtrack into an USB, and the Grub shows up when I turn on the laptop. However, when I unplug the USB, I can not get in the Windows. How can I fix this problem?

    Thanks so much,

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    Default Re: GRUB and Windows booting?

    That's because you set grub to be installed into your MBR of the laptop hdd. I suppose you don't really have a clue as to what you are doing and chose to just run commands blindly.
    So you can either put the USB stick into the computer each time you want to boot, and choose whichever OS you want, or remove grub and fix your MBR.
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    Default Re: GRUB and Windows booting?

    I have similar problem after trying to install to USB (8gig) with persistence.

    I followed the step by step guide but when i boot via the new 8gig USB i get the grub screen. From here i am not sure what to do, i can boot via the old USB.

    When i go into windows and check the USB stick it says there are only 3gig available. I assume this is because the 2nd partition of 5gig is not visible from windows.I cant however format the stick from backtrack using fdisk and start again.
    Any help please ?

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    Default Re: GRUB and Windows booting?

    Been there, done that... What you guys need to do is to search google for GRUB, how it works etc. There is a very nice topic on an Ubuntu forum about reinstalling GRUB. You will need basic knowledge though about drives, partitioning, etc.
    In a nutshell, you messed with your MBR, now you have to rewrite it so you don't always have to plug the USB Stick.
    I'm no expert so please anyone correct me if you feel I said something wrong.

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    Default Re: GRUB and Windows booting?

    Doesn't this sound like a Windows problem and not a BackTrack problem? If I was you I would figure out how to fix the Windows MBR. Just use google and search for "how to fix windows mbr" without quotes. If you use Windows 7 then put Windows 7 in your search, and same for xp or vista. I haven't fixed mbr in Windows in such a long time, but I believe it's "fixmbr" without quotes. OH! You might also want to do "fixboot" without quotes. You of course would need a bootable cd of your windows. But googling for the repair cd should help, or you can ask a friend if they have theirs. People should just stick with a live dvd, its not that expensive, and use a memory stick to save their settings/data.

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