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    Lightbulb Another MITM automation

    Hi everyone ! I did this automating script so I don't have to retype all the commands every time I want to do a mitm attack. I know there are a lot of scripts out there for sslstrip and stuff, so if you mods feel like deleting the post, please do.

    This is my first script, so it should be easily understood by anyone, and should help learning basic bash scripting along with facilitating the use of the MITM attack.

    Of course this should only be used on your network and for learning purpose only.

    I would also like to thank killadaninja for his script "airssl" that taught me a lot and allowed me to do this one. His is for Rogue AP use, whether this one is for local use.

    Please criticize it, and help me improve it.

    Code was out dated and I couldn't update it here; dunno why. Check my website below or the pastebin ! 
    I made heavy updates since first post, check them !
    Features : network mapping, multiple targets support, display sniffed passwords user friendly, parameters for help and update.
    You can download it here : or go there : and check text code, pastebin code, and demonstration video !

    Changelog in version 0.6.7 (last version to date, probably the last one.):
    - Very neat and kewl ascii
    - Log parsing, finally ! Must be tested on a maximum of different configuration to ensure accuracy.
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