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Thread: Need help installing BT4 on USB HD

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    Hello to all

    I got a decent laptop with "standard" OS (guess), and I wanted to install BT4 on USB HD. Reason for that, is that I want to boot into BT4 only when HD is plugged in, and not to install on my laptop HD. My bios is capable of booting from UBS, so this seemed easy...

    - Booted from LiveDVD, clicked, chose to install to sdb. Formatting lasted over 3 hours (250GB HD), and still nothing. Reboot. tried to install again, formatting over 4 hours, still nothing, still stuck at 5% of installation.

    - Booted up from LiveDVD, clikced on Partition Editor, deleted all partitions on sdb, and created smaller ones. Sdb1 was ext3 (with boot flag) size 50GB, sdb2 was swap with 8GB. Clicked in again. Installer didn't ask me to format the partitions, and it started to install. Great!

    - Can't load from UBS HD, I get message "Error loading operating system". I don't know much about Linux, I installed GRUB on sdb. GRUB loads, but I still can't boot into BT. I figured that maybe GRUB isn't looking at proper partition. I booted in LiveDVD, mounted drive sdb, and BT appears to be installed. I edited menu.lst in grub directory and added "root (hd1,0)" to first selection, and now I'm getting this error when I choose first choice in grub: "Error 17: cannot mount selected partition"

    How da H3ll do I make my UBS HD boot up?
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