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Thread: Backtrack 4 R2 on Eee 1201N

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    Default Backtrack 4 R2 on Eee 1201N


    I've been trying to set up Backtrack 4 on my Asus Eee 1201n but my Wireless card does not seem to be supported.
    I googled and googled, oh how I googled, for a way to fix this and came upon something about Ndiswrapper. That thing sucked and didn't work, I tried 5 different installments all of which took a while to install and failed.

    So tell me, fellow Backtrack users, is there a way to install Backtrack 4 w/ wifi on a 1201n?

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    Default Re: Backtrack 4 R2 on Eee 1201N

    How about telling us what type of wireless card is in that laptop for starters? And also, how are you running BackTrack (VM, HD install, USB, Live) and are you using the latest BackTrack (BT4r2 as of this post)? Have you followed the guides in the forum/wiki to start networking? What error messages are you getting when trying to bring the card up?

    Help us to help you.
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    Default Re: Backtrack 4 R2 on Eee 1201N

    ive had a scout around and seems the 1201n has the card down below
    RTL8191SE if this is your card your out of luck injection is not supported yet
    as I have his on my laptop you can connect to ap but not inject
    so I use the the card in the link

    I suggest to buy that one it has great range and has the rtl8187 chipset which is best supported

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