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Thread: help with dual boot installing backtrack 4 r2 :\

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    Default help with dual boot installing backtrack 4 r2 :\

    Im pretty new to backtrack and linux in general, but i've been trying to set up a boot install for backtrack with windows 7 as my main OS.

    i don't know whether im missing something or just being a noob, but as far as i can see according to the tutorials, on the partitions setup page there should be three options for installing BT,

    Guided - resize the disk,
    Guided - Use entire disk,
    and manual.

    for some reason the first option doesn't appear for me and i cannot figure out how to use (or find tutorials on) setting it up through the third option. Not sure if this is my computer's problem or the option is simply not supposed to be there and the tutorials i have seen are from older versions of Backtrack :\

    any help please?

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    Default Re: help with dual boot installing backtrack 4 r2 :\

    The tutorials in the wiki are current and applicable.
    I would suggest you check the md5sum of your downloaded media and burn at a slow rate (as slow as possible).
    As far as dual booting with win7 goes, I just did one setup like this over the weekend, so I know that it works.
    You may need to manually mount the windows drive, that may be causing issue. But use fdisk to list all partitions and see if they come up.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
    Back|Track Wiki
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    Default Re: help with dual boot installing backtrack 4 r2 :\

    if the top option is not showing up why not resize through windows? you can do this by going to start, right click on computer, click manage, then click disk management, go down to the windows partition and right click on it and select shrink volume. once you've done that when you go to install backtrack select manually specify partitions and set up your new partition for backtrack!

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    Default Re: help with dual boot installing backtrack 4 r2 :\

    Start up win7 Download this Easeus Partition Master Home Edition from cnet very nice gadget resize your hardisk say u have a 100 gig hd resize it to 45 gig for win 7 you may have to reboot once rebooted create one partition for swap say 3 gig's but dont formatted im pretty sure bt will do that at time of installation and you should now have 1 3gig Unallocated Space and another 1 52 gig's of Unallocated Space now reboot and have fun.

    Oh choose manual and highlight (52 gig) new partition and mount point /

    Highlight swap (3gig) new partition and use as choose swap

    as far partition size its just an example someone said (sorry cant remember Name) a minimum of 20 gig for bt.. To get started...

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