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Thread: WIFI QUESTION, need help i am desperate!

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    Question WIFI QUESTION, need help i am desperate!

    BEFORE YOU READ THIS: I want you to know i am not that familiar with bt4, so please don't get mad for asking a question


    Ok, here's my problem/ question 1: i have BT4-Final on vmware, in BT4 i want to install my INTERNAL wifi card(its a "Realtek RTL8191SE wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC"). i have copied the driver files onto a usb-flash drive...and i can't acces the drive in BT4 my only options are: disconnect, change icon, hide icon... how do i get this done?


    i also tried:
    because in vmware there is the option to edit virtual machine settings and to add network cards... i made 2 test connections: 1 a bridged connection and 2 a nat connection. the bridged connection goes via my wireless card onto my wireless network, so BT4 thinks that its connected via a wire and that there isn't any wifi. 2: the Nat connection simply doesn't see any wifi, i used programm: 'wicd network manager'. to see what was goeing on...

    question 2 : then i considerd a usb wifi-card but i wan't to know: do i need a usb-wifi-card that doesn't require a cd for the driver-install???

    i appreciate that you have read this far already and I really appreciate ANY awnsers...
    i hope someone could help me out here.

    (just in case: my gmail: Mod Edit: Email address not needed.)
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