This will be brief because I already typed all of this but the session expired and I ended up getting logged out x_x

I recently installed BT4R2, I have three wireless adapters. Alfa A*36NH (RT3070) Something built-in (ipw2200), and a PCMIA card (rtl8180l). After /etc/init.d/networking start

ifconfig says: lo, eth0, wlan0
lo is loopback.
eth0 is my ethernet port.

According to lshw, wlan0 is the Alfa, and it's using rt2800usb. Am I missing drivers for ipw2200/rtl8180l? the rtl8180L's driver doesn't even compile. it exits 2 saying the makefile is gone but the entire source dir goes away.

the rt3070 driver needs addition of module_license = gpl but after that it compiles with a simple warning "Module.symvers is missing"

The ipw2200 worked when I was running BT4R1, do I need to redo this now?

When I issue 'lsmod' I see rtl8180, rt2800usb, ipw2200, rt3070.sta. I don't know much about how the internals of linux and modules work, so this could be a really simple issue. Thanks for your help.