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Thread: uploaded php shell

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    Question uploaded php shell

    I'm trying to learn web app penetration testing. I've got a windows xp virtual machine that allows the HTTP PUT method but filters php files. So I used curl to upload "shell.php%00.jpg" and that worked fine. The problem I'm having now is manipulating the values in the url. Shell.php is just a simple request to cmd. So in the url I'm trying to set the cmd value to ipconfig.

    Browsing to the url gives this:

    And the page says: "Bad Request (Invalid URL)"

    Then if I try to modify the url to:

    I get a page not found error.

    I know I'm close, I just can't seem to get this last step to work.

    Anyone know what I'm missing?

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    Default Re: uploaded php shell

    Access the server and check how the file is called on it.
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