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Thread: Strange Wusb54g Error On Wicd

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    Default Strange Wusb54g Error On Wicd

    I've been avoiding this question for months now but i can't stand it any more.

    I am running a dell i1525 with Btr2 and i love the built in Broadcom chipset on my wireless card.

    But sometimes (mostly for fake AP Study) i like to use my wusb54g from linksys witch has a ralink rt2870/3070 chipset.

    Whenever i plug this usb into my computer and set my wcid network manager to use it it gives me a solid signal (100%) ON EVERY WIRELESS AP .

    now this is becoming a problem because i cannot get a good measurement of my signal strength.

    Any Thoughts?

    my bad fellas i had to much to drink last night,

    my adapter is actually a linksys wusb100.

    Sorry about the confusion.
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