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Thread: Problems installing for Dual-Boot

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    Question Problems installing for Dual-Boot

    Hello there everyone.

    I'm quite new here, and I tried to install Backtrack on my Laptop. I've got this great 1 terabyte external hard disk with USB connection, so I created an extra partition on it for Backtrack, and then I tried to install it with Unetbootbin.(the 'Live to USB' installation.

    However, when booting the PC after that, and going to the boot menu, and choosing the USB boot as option, I get an error:
    'Non-system disk or disk error.
    replace and strike any key when ready'

    So... What am I doing wrong?

    Some details about my computer:
    -laptop created by Hewlett Packard
    -until now only has runned runs Windows Vista basic
    -My external hard disk model is called the 'WD elements', it's about 1 terabyte big, and is plugged in my laptop with an USB cable.
    -I created three partitions in my external hard disk: one G:, where all media files I had until now are saved, I: where I want to install BackTrack, and J, wich is all room I'm not using in the near future.
    I: is formatted to Fat32

    I'm unsure if you need more details, please leave me a comment.

    P.S.: I've checked MD5 of the .ISO, and it is correct.

    Have a nice day!

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    Default Re: Problems installing for Dual-Boot

    My best guess would be when booting off the USB hard drive your computer is looking for the first partition it can find and trying to boot from that. In this case that partition would either be your empty one or your media and obivously there isn't an OS there to boot. Now how you would go about fixing that I couldn't tell you (aside from wiping the drive rearranging the partitions so the Backtrack is first). A 8GB USB drive can be found for around twenty bucks and make for a great way to run Backtrack. Either that or you could run it in a VM environment. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Problems installing for Dual-Boot

    'Non-system disk or disk error.
    replace and strike any key when ready'

    Two questions:

    1: Is there a folder labeled "boot" on the I drive?
    If not, you probably have a bad install, but if your MD5 matches the MD5 from the download page this isn't likely. It is however easier to fix. Download again and reinstall.

    2: Is the FAT32 partition an ACTIVE partition?
    a:Click Start
    b:Right click "Computer" and highlight "Manage."
    This will bring up a management console with three panes. The right pane you can ignore. The center pane will be empty, leaving only the left pane.
    c: Click "Disk Management." It's about halfway down the list in the left pane.
    In the center pane, you will see all of your disks, each divided into it's volumes.
    d: Find your external drive. You'll know it by the size. Look for the word "Active."

    If this partition is active, I don't know what to tell you. If "active" is not in the I drive block, then
    e: Right click on the I drive block and select "Mark Partition as Active."
    f: Save and close.

    Good Luck! Hope this helps.

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