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    Default Some VoIP Tools

    I recently had to do some VoIP Pentesting because of a hacking show I was doing. So I looked of course into BT. The tools there are good but some things were missing at least imho. So I made a little voip.lzm. And still there are some tools missing, but as it is already 10 MB in size I have to let some of them go. Especially c07-h2250v4-r2.jar but but but…

    So what is in it?

    - Most of the tools from the authors of Hacking Exposed: VoIP
    (As soon as my schedule will allow it I will probably read that book ;-))
    - sipbomber (cool thing for pentesting)
    - sipproxy (including the documentation from Philipp Haupt and Matthias Hürlimann (it is in English) )

    So if you have any interests in it feel free to download it.
    (As I am not a good poster on this site I am not allowed to use external links, which is a good thing! So please forgive me for doing this: surf to mitternachtshacking in germany and look out for 27th of April. There is a voip.lzm link)

    Kind regards
    PS: SOOORRRYYY and of course my big kudos to Max and Muts

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    Fair play to you, thanks.

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