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Thread: Automate exclusively security patching for Microsoft-systems

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    Question Automate exclusively security patching for Microsoft-systems

    I have an internal network which is completely locked down from the internet - but which contains critical clients & servers running very out-dated, unordinary software & services which means performing full Windows Update would very likely cause issues that I want to avoid.

    On the other hand, I still believe that the amount of vulnerabilities which do indeed exist on this internal network, should be dealt with - since threats such as USB thumbdrives, cd-roms, social engineering, rogue AP's, and the general trust to the employees could potentially spread malware.

    My question is the following; does a simple solution exist where I can automate exclusively security based patches from Microsoft without having to manually select them from Windows Update? If required I can open access to the internet if a specific tool you have in mind would require this.

    I have performed a Nessus vulnerability scan identifying many of the vulnerable services and the appropriate KB articles with the patches available, but as sad as it is, the amount of vulnerabilities on the network would require many hours of work patching all the holes. Not only that but I cannot eleminate the possibility of Nessus not discovering some threats - which is why I believe it is time to perform a full security update on all of our servers and clients.

    I know the general state of this network design is completely flawed and letting it get to the point it is in right now is frightening, but since I am new to this company I am interested in getting the security up to a decent standard as it should be.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Automate exclusively security patching for Microsoft-systems

    I fail to see where any of the above has something to backtrack linux. A better place to ask such a question would be perhaps a Microsoft forum.
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