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Thread: Need help with configuration

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    Angry Need help with configuration

    Hi Guys!
    I have been having so many problems just getting Backtrack running properly. I have read everything I could find on how to make it connect online, watched all the videos etc, but it simply will NOT work. Is anybody out there willing to setup, configure and if possible video the process so I can see what I am missing? Please email me at [mod_edit_removed]. My name is Brian and I would really appreciate this. I will pay for it as well! I look forward to hearing back from you all! Best Regards-Brian
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    For your own sake Ive removed what appears to have been a phone number from your post above. If you can get someone to agree to this (and I dont like your chances of it) I'd suggest providing this type of contact information via private message.

    In the meantime, if you actually want to get some help via the forum here, perhaps you would like to share, specifically, what problem you are having (error messages, problem symptoms, etc) and what you have attempted so far to resolve it.

    In addition, this didnt really belong in the Experts forum, so I moved it here.
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    Default Re: Need help with configuration

    Well having someone set up BT for you won't be of any use since you won't learn a thing.
    And you have a lot of things to learn if you want to use Backtrack.

    I'd recommend Linux From Scratch. Google it and do it.
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