So, I've succesfully partitioned my hdd to dual boot winxp and ubuntu10.10, using Unetbootin to create a liveusb of ubuntu to install from. I then try the same thing using the bt4-r2 iso, but when it boots from the usb, all I get is a black screen with a blinking cursor. I searched the forums and found a couple other people saying the same thing, but no answers to what happened or how to fix it.

So basically, I've used the unetbootin before successfully, formatting the usb to fat32, it's 4gb in size, and the unetbootin successfully installs the iso (or so it says it has). I know I'm booting from the usb, but all I get is the blinking cursor.

Hardware specs: (yes, this is an old computer, so that may be why it's not working, but if anything I would think ubuntu 10.10 wouldn't work, not bt4, but 10.10 works great even with compiz fusion)

AMD 64 athlon 3200+
ATI mobility Radeon Xpress 200
60gb HDD (Winxp:28g;Ubuntu10.10:14g;etc4 partitioned free space:14g, swap:2g, unallocated:2g)

I'm thinking it may be something to do with my graphics card and the version 8 ubuntu base that BT uses?

Also, I'm using unetbootin through windows, I've thought about using it through ubuntu, but do I have to redownload the .iso through linux, or will linux recognize it even if it's on the windows partition?