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Thread: BT4 only showing wpa not wep

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    Default BT4 only showing wpa not wep

    first time i used bt4 with my wifi card i was able to see about 10-15 wep access points. including my own i am trying to penetrate, but second time around after airodump-ng ra0 which is my interface it does not bring up any wep ap's at all only wpa and wpa2.

    any idea why this could be? did i miss something?

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    Default Re: BT4 only showing wpa not wep

    bring the card out of monitor mode and reenable it
    if nessasary ifconfig xxxx down & ifconfig xxxx up (xxxx is your interface)
    make sure you have only one mode not (mon0,mon1,mon2) enabled
    that can cause problems
    if so airmon-ng stop xxxx until your only left with mon0 or what ever your monitor interface

    check wicd version also update if nessasary

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