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Thread: Lenovo G650 WLan = eth1 [HELP]

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    Question Lenovo G650 WLan = eth1 [HELP]

    Hi, I got Lenovo G650 with Broadcom Wireless addapter built in, BT finds it as Ethernet adapter, wicd works fine with it, but airodump is giving me errors..
    On windows I noticed the driver uses vwifibus..
    If you know how to solve this, please help

    root@bt:~# iwconfig
    lo        no wireless extensions.
    eth0      no wireless extensions.
    eth1      IEEE 802.11  ESSID:""  Nickname:""
              Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.442 GHz  Access Point: Not-Associated
              Bit Rate:8 Mb/s   Tx-Power:24 dBm
              Retry min limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off
              Encryption key:off
              Power Managementmode:All packets received
              Link Quality=5/5  Signal level=0 dBm  Noise level=-93 dBm
              Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:30  Rx invalid frag:0
              Tx excessive retries:99  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:0
    root@bt:~# airodump-ng eth1
    ioctl(SIOCSIWMODE) failed: Invalid argument
    ARP linktype is set to 1 (Ethernet) - expected ARPHRD_IEEE80211,
    ARPHRD_IEEE80211_FULL or ARPHRD_IEEE80211_PRISM instead.  Make
    sure RFMON is enabled: run 'airmon-ng start eth1 <#>'
    Sysfs injection support was not found either.

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    Default Re: Lenovo G650 WLan = eth1 [HELP]

    Hello, im new and i got installed BT on my lenovo x110e laptop. but not sure which wireless driver is for me, iv'e gotten the eth0 to work but when i do a modprobe wlan0 is says cannot find. i also tried to install multiple drivers but not sure why BT isnt reconizing my wireless card. any suggestions? thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Lenovo G650 WLan = eth1 [HELP]

    I've had this error before. Did you try "airmon-ng start eth1" without quotes? Then used the interface that, that command gives you. For most people thats mon0. After that try the command "airodump-ng interface" without quotes and where it says interface. That's where you put the interface that airmon-ng gave you.

    Example when I did it I got mon0 and so I used "airodump-ng mon0".
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    Default Re: Lenovo G650 WLan = eth1 [HELP]

    did you try putting into monitor mode ????????????????????
    airmon-ng start eth1 ???????????????????????????????????????????
    then airodump-ng eth1

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