Hi, I'm new to Backtrack. I downloaded Backtrack 4 r2. The MD5 is good. I burned to multiple DVD-R's at a speed of 3x. Everyone of them froze on my HP dm4-1160us notebook after I selected the standard USA keyboard. I moved on to the USB drive using Unetbootin. It still froze. Windows 7 Home Premium and Ubuntu 10.04 are both working wonderfully. I have a partition set up for the Backtrack to install on. I followed the directions in the Wiki on how to make the Unetbootin USB Installer. I then followed the directions also in the Wiki on how to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Backtrack. I attempted to follow the Guide: Installing BT4 to HDD using VirtualBox, but I was not able to navigate to VirtualBox through the command prompt.

I tried the Live USB on a friends computer. It is an Acer Aspire 5315. On that computer, I am able to get all the way to where you accept the changes you are about to make to install BackTrack to the HDD. I wont install it on his computer because he doesn't want it.

So is there something with the HP Laptops that Backtrack doesn't like? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you all for your time.