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Thread: Wireless won't work on Compaq CQ42

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    Hey!, first of all thank you for reading this well, lets go to the point, I'm not a new Linux User but I don't consider myself as a advanced user, I want to have BackTrack4 RC2 as my main system, I know how to install it, start x, networking,etc, but I can't get my wifi card to work, I usually don't have any trouble with the wifi card, ubuntu had always detected it without any changes and I don't have any idea of where to start searching, Can someone help me please?

    PD: Sry for the english, my native language is Spanish

    Well, I got my Wifi working right now my network card is RTL8191 I got it working with this tutorial. Hope someone with the same problem find this usefull.

    Here is the Link:

    Thanks! this topic is solved. I don't know if someone could close it please
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