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Thread: How To Install BackTrack 3 From a Live USB

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    Default How To Install BackTrack 3 From a Live USB

    Hi. This question may have been asked before, but I have searched the internet and forums for the last week trying to find an answer to this problem, so maybe someone can help.

    The situation is as follows:

    " I have an empty harddisk (un-partitioned) and BackTrack 3 on a usb where I can live boot the distro."

    I have followed ways of how to install BackTrack 3, but the problem lies in the fact that everyone gives tutorials on how to do this with a live CD and not a live usb.

    Now it might not differ, but from what I am shown on my screen to what everyone says should show definitely differs.

    An example would be booting. When I boot from a live usb, I must select the usb as a boot option. Once this is done, I am given the choice to run BackTrack 3 under a KDE window manager, Fluxbox Window manager and others. In the tutorials, it says I must input (startx) to get going, which I don't have to.

    From there I follow the steps to partition the harddisk in the terminal which I complete successfully, but it gets complicated because the tutorials are for BackTrack 2 and not 3.

    The tutorials go on to explain that after I have partitioned the harddisk and have mounted them, I can run the BackTrack installer. Note*(The BackTrack installer was not included in BackTrack 3) They also go on to say that if I don't have the BackTrack installer I must download it.

    That leads me to the next issue. I cannot download for some reason. Is this because of the live usb?

    Is is possible for someone to post a step by step instruction of how to install BackTrack 3 on the whole harddisk from a live usb?"

    Below are the installation instructions I followed from Offensive-Security:

    fdisk /dev/sda
    mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1
    mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda3
    cd /tmp
    mkdir boot
    mkdir bt2
    mount /dev/sda1 boot
    mount /dev/sda3 bt2

    From there I am to start KDE with startx.
    From there I am told to go to K => System => BackTrack Installer (Whichdoes not exist on BT3).

    Also I notice in the commands above:
    " #cd /tmp" and "mount /dev/sda3 bt2".

    I am assuming those are commands for a live cd as well as BackTrack 3.

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    Default Re: How To Install BackTrack 3 From a Live USB

    Backtrack 3 isn't supported anymore.

    Please consider using Backtrack 4. There are a lot of howtos around for it.
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