I've ran into a little problem,
I've tried to boot backtrack several times with several different outcomes:
First time-
Used Windows 7 and unetbootin
Wouldn't show up on my hp laptop but would boot with other computers (no big deal) but it wouldn't start!!!! I tried "startx" and a bunch of other things and still wouldn't work!

Second time-
Deleted it all and re-downloaded unetbootin and the iso image
same results

Third time-
Tried unetbootin with linux. When it booted there was a countdown timer for 10 seconds
and one option: "Default"
When I selected it, nothing happened, the timer just reseted, back to 10 seconds
So I waited for the timer to go down, but when it hit "1" it just reseted itself again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fourth time-
Same with the third time, only tried r1
same results!!!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone help me do the simple task of booting backtrack?!?!?!?!??!