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Thread: proxy chaining

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    Default proxy chaining

    i already read the tutorial on how to chain proxys there are somethings i dont understand which i would hope to be alright since this is the beginner section and i am indeed a beginner.:

    # ProxyList format
    # type host port [user pass]<----what am i putting here, (also do i erase type host and port?)
    # (values separated by 'tab' or 'blank')

    this is what my proxy thing looks like tell me if i did anything wrong:
    # add proxy here ...
    # meanwile
    # defaults set to "tor"
    socks4 9050

    : is that sufficient amount of sock5's to stay anonymous, is that correct format?

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    Default Re: proxy chaining

    Which tutorial are you referring to?

    In addition, if you want to add information to this, don't start a new thread like you just did, modify your existing post here.
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