I am looking for an EASY step-by-step guide explaining how to commence a deauth attack so I can use Aireplay to listen for packets and then use packet injection to speed up the process to crack WEP. I found out about BackTrack through this article about Auditor which is a couple of years old:


This 2 part article was great because it included a real basic description of how to crack WEP that even a novice could understand. I am looking for a similar article describing how to use the tools within BackTrack. Is there an alternate / updated tutorial somebody could point me to?

In particular, I am wondering if Airoreplay now includes the ability to commence a deauth attack, or do I have to use void11? Is there an alternative program to void11? The deauth stage is really where I am having problems.

I did search these forums but I came up with so many guides and the language they used raised so many questions that I was more confused before I read the guides than afterword. If somebody can point me to a (written) guide that is simple and well laid out that would be very helpful.