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Thread: Wireless connectivity issues

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    Default Wireless connectivity issues

    I've upgraded from BT4 R1 to BT4 R2 on my Vaio Laptop with built in wireless nic.
    Wireless worked right out of the box in BT4 R1.

    However, in BT4 R2 I had some troubleshooting to do:
    - manually downloaded and installed the driver (ipw2200-bss.fw), which took care of the error msg during boot
    - I started networking, which now lists eth0 (wired), eth1 (wireless UP)
    - I launched wicd-curses but it does not detect any wireless networks. Neither does kismet. There are several access points in this area, my router is up and working, and I can connect to the same access point using this laptop on Windows XP and even with my cellphone.


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