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Thread: Network Exploitation Tool

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    Default Network Exploitation Tool

    Hey guys,
    So I have been working on this program for a few months now and was hoping to get some feedback and or possibly some development support. I wrote a multipurpose network exploitation tool.

    The main purpose for this project was a simple, easy to use, and bug free tool anyone could use. I originally got the idea while fighting with ettercap to do a simple arp poisoning attack. I dont intend to compete with ettercap or try to replace it. I just hope this project makes life easier for some people trying to do some simple attacks.

    This is the first public release of Howl, it started as just a tool for ARP Poisoning and started to grow into what it is now.

    Howl can currently handle ARP Poisoning, DNS Poisoning, DHCP Exhaustion(lan or wlan), Packet Flooding, MAC Flooding, and serv html files to a DNS Poisoned victim all at the same time. :P Or one at a time, whatever you prefer.

    You can get the first and latest release of Howl from here -> Howl Download

    To install extract the gzipped folder, read the README and make sure you have the required dependencies (libnet library, libpcap library, ncurses library, libmicrohttpd library. ).

    If your using a debian based version of linux (ubuntu/backtrack) you can do the following: 'sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev libnet1-dev libpcap-dev libmicrohttpd-dev' without the quotes.

    Then just run 'make' and 'sudo make install' without the quotes.

    See the man page for examples. 'man howl'

    Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Network Exploitation Tool

    How does this differ from other tools wolfy i.e. ettercap ?
    good luck

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    it works well.. only a couple things found- 'exhaust' is spelled wrong in the help and man

    and I do get a segmentation fault sending the html -l.. it gets the page there though.. overall a really easy to work with tool though thanks

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