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    Default Mackbook Air 13 Inch

    What Works:

    Normal wireless function
    Video Drivers

    What Doesn't

    Packet Injection
    Trackpad drivers (more on this later)
    Brightness controls

    Sound (not a high priority for me)

    The Macbook air 11 inch uses roughly the same hardware as the 13 inch. I would be highly surprised if it acted differently, But I would love to hear about it in this thread.

    To boot I used rEFIt (hxxp:// then used a standard external cd drive. Mac's super drive is probably unnecessary. Usb flash drives may also work, but aren't expressly supported.

    I would advise using a tool other then parted or gparted to partition your drive if you plan on dual (or triple booting) with OSX. OSX uses a hybrid gpt/mbr partitioning scheme that backtrack's parted currently does not support, and sometimes will erase the mbr portion of the partition table. I haven't been able to get it to consistantly do this, so your milage may vary.

    The other option would be to use gptsync to sync the gpt/mbr tables when you are done. This utility will do it. (hxxp://

    For more information on the gpt/mbr scheme I would read up here. (hxxp://

    Other then that it's a standard affair. use "apt-get install nvidia-driver" to fix video.

    The trackpad requires the bcm5974 driver that I currently can't get to compile. I'm not done with this yet, I'll revisit with a fix or at the very least an error log. Git repository is here: (hxxp:// Without the trackpad driver there is NO right clicking.
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