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Thread: Windows 7 freezes after playing with Backtrack 4 r2 live cd

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    Default Windows 7 freezes after playing with Backtrack 4 r2 live cd

    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to give a shot to Backtrack (you know, when you are bored during the weekend...), so i downloaded the last version, burned it, modified the default boot on my Asus N71 and launched from the live CD, and selected the first option.

    Everything went well, until i tried "startx".

    Screen not found. As i did not have internet access at that time, instead of waiting (which would have been the right thing to do most likely, so i would have discovered about the fix-vesa command), i tried all the other options available at the start : boot with graphics on RAM (or something like that), boot in text mode, etc. All of them. (even one that wrote lots of things on screen that i could not really read as it went very fast).
    Tried the startx for all of them, never worked. So i gave up and tried to return to Windows 7, remove the CD and re-modified the boot order.
    And here is the issue. It now freezes at the beginning of the windows 7 boot (either during the early boot, sometimes later on, after reaching the desktop).
    Just freezes. HD is not turning anymore.

    I can start it in safe mode, i tried the recovery thingy, but nothing works, it still freezes when i start windows normally.

    Ok, i know that i shouldn't have played around stupidly, and i expect some people to have great fun through this read, but i actually need this computer for work, and i could really use some help in fixing it. So please, if you think you know why, i'm begging for help.

    Thanks in advance,

    PS : As i have a french keyboard, anyone knows what command to type in backtrack to turn the key layout into french?

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    Default Re: Windows 7 freezes after playing with Backtrack 4 r2 live cd

    This isn`t a windows forum, but since i`ve read the post i`ll reply before it gets locked -> boot into safe mode, bring up the event viewer and retrieve the error message generated at the time of crash, then search google
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    Default Re: Windows 7 freezes after playing with Backtrack 4 r2 live cd

    This post seems awfully familiar... I swear its the same guy as in this. might I recommend chkdisk in windows. Beyond that I might recommend aquiring more general computer knowledge before delving into backtrack again. If nothing else than to prevent (further?) damage to your equipment. Worst case scenario, you could just re-install win7 or fess up to your IT dept.
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    Default Re: Windows 7 freezes after playing with Backtrack 4 r2 live cd

    If you are using KDE in backtrack you should see an american flag at the bottum of your screen in the task bar. if you click on this you will be able to change your keyboard layout and lauguge settings.
    wh1t3 fang

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