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Thread: PPTP VPN setup / rerouting.

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    Default PPTP VPN setup / rerouting.

    Hey guys, thought I'd was beyond posting in the beginners section. I'll have to admit defeat on this one, I've always gone by the moral code and google'd my way towards the solution.

    I've got BT4 R2 in a VM, trying to setup my PPTV VPN tunnel. Here's what I have done;

    • Installed KVPNC, PPTP-LINUX, NETWORK-MANAGER-PPTP(can't find it though)
    • Sucessfully connected to the VPN server, ppp0 interface up and running.
    • Yet all traffic and IP address appear untunneled
    • Tried: iptables, route and general pptpconfig

    I've been trying to get the traffic rerouted from eth0 through ppp0 = VPN tunneled. If you have the slightest idea please help, Archangel-Amael you can even give me the occasional google hint, Im that desperate and utterly worn out by this one..

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    Default Re: PPTP VPN setup / rerouting.

    Could we see some outputs? have you modified routing table. When using pptp, I did need to manually add a route to successfully have traffic moving over the tunnel to remote network.

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