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Thread: Decrypt WEP in Realtime

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    Default Decrypt WEP in Realtime

    Hi folks !

    After looking through a lot of sniffing Forums, there remains still one question for me-
    Which Tool let me decrypt traffic in Realtime, once I know the WEP-Key. Given, Im physically located between the AP and the Client.

    I know, that ARP Poisoning is the way to go, but Im looking for something more direct. Like a technique that shows me realtime the Websites the person in navigating, filtering PWs like Cain, but "on the fly".

    Can DSNIFF, URLSNARFER, WEBSPY etc. be used for this ? If so, how ?
    Since they only process capture files.

    Looking forward to any suggestion ::....Peace.

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    Well don't quote me on this but I believe just reading HTTP sites does not require "decrypting" since its by no means secure ^_^. And yes what you want to do is called ARP poisoning. The ARP table basically tells who is who and thus by manipulated this you can poise yourself between a computer and a AP. Cain is easy yes, But its for windows which is definitely a downside. I'm still really new myself and learning the details about all sorts of packet sniffing and whatnot but I would recommend you start off learning Ettercap which has been referred to as "the swiss army knife of packet sniffing" It is capable of ARP poisoning and is quiet user friendly, it also has a lot of tutorials and whatnot around to help you through the learning process. Check out Milw0rm and go to their videos near the bottom, they have some examples of ettercap in use to help you on your way (I believe)

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