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Thread: [Compatibility Bug] Ati-driver

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    Default [Compatibility Bug] Ati-driver

    Initially I think formatting would not be a solution because I just format.
    The error is in the package: ati-driver
    He gave compatibility problems in my video, and I had to remove it. The video was just a black screen, and when removed it works normally, so that now if I use a lot of my hardware it sometimes takes on a white or sometimes black.
    My hardware:
    Model Netbook Acer Aspire One 32-bit
    1 GB DDR2 Ram 160 GB HD SATA (SATA I do not know)
    Intel Atom 1.6Ghz core 2 cores each.
    The video card is: Do not know but I think it's intel

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    Default Re: [Compatibility Bug] Ati-driver

    Why would you try to use and ATI driver with a intel card? I mean really? You should probably just stick to windows.
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