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Thread: Question About .dll Injection on MS PPT

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    Default Question About .dll Injection on MS PPT

    I've been messing around with a .dll injection exploit and I wanted to make sure that I understand the concept of .dll injection properly. If I compile that code and put it in a directory on another computer and in that same directory have .ppt file when I open the .ppt file with MS PPT 2010 it should instead of loading its own .dll file load the .dll file in the same directory as the .ppt file being opened and subsequently launch the calculator app. If that's correct then how does one go about compiling that code? I tried compiling it into a .dll with mingw but when I opened the .ppt file nothing happened. I figure there's got to be a piece I'm missing.

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    Default Re: Question About .dll Injection on MS PPT

    I suggest first you get a better grip on how exploits work, weather they work or not depends on a lot of stuff, also I would recommend to start with easier exploits.

    Also if you look there it actually tells you to compile it, and then rename it with to "pptimpconv.dll"

    I didn't study these dll. injection exploits up close, but my guess would be that the .dll contains the exploit and when you run that other file it imports the .dll and runs it (in this case the exploit result is calc.exe).
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