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Although i do not deserve any credits for this i am happy to show you this simple tutorial

Howto:Install a full bootable version of BackTrack2 on a 1G USB Stick

NOTE: This procedure works on the IRC Addict Pre-Release BT2 and is expected to work on the final release, but it does not work on sidc and earlier versions

1. Open the backtrack.iso file:

Option 1. In Windows, use a program such as isobuster
Option 2. In Backtrack, mount the iso
(mount -o loop -t iso9660 yourcd.iso /mnt/iso)
Option 3. In OSX, mount the iso

2. Copy the /boot and /BT folders from the iso to the USB flash stick

Warning: the following step makes the device bootable by creating an MBR. Make sure you run this command from the USB stick, not from the mounted iso, otherwise you will corrupt your existing MBR.

3. Make the USB Stick bootable:

Option 1. In Windows, cd into <path to stick>/boot, and execute the bootinst.bat.
Option 2. In BackTrack or OSX, cd into <path to stick>/boot, and execute the bootinst.sh

4. The author assumes no responsibility for this procedure, especially if you don't RTFM, particularly the Warning in step 3.

Annotation from an unidentified poster:
If using the Backtrack Installer from the Version 2.0 Final LiveCD do the following:
  • use /boot as source, then select sda for creating the MBR on it and sda1_removable or the Name of your stick as Destination folder,
  • Make sure not to choose your HD Drive here !!! It will render your current OS Install useless !!!
  • After that just copy the BT Directory to the stick.
  • These Steps were supposed to be automatically done by the Backtrack Installer on the LiveCD Iso, unfortunately it`s broken in the Final Version, when ran from the LiveCD. Sorry.

Before You say That your key is not working/booting : TRY ALL of your usb ports (front,left,back,right ALL...) Some Usb 2.0 hardware restricts Booting To different ports.. For me, the front ports were not booting, so I tried back and it worked ! After a while , I retried to boot in front usb, AND IT WAS WORKING ...??? Good Luck !

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