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Thread: Is GB HDD not enough BT4R2

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    Default Is GB HDD not enough BT4R2

    I can not seem to find detailed system requirements for BT4R2. I installed on my netbook which has one 2GB SSD and an 8GB SSD. The 2GB said not enough space which suprised me so i tried the 8GB instead and was sucessful in installing. But now when logged in i have 0bytes left on my 8gb, and i havent done anything yet.

    Is there items that are optional that i can uncheck somehow during install, or is this the norm and i should look into a new laptop/netbook


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    Default Re: Is GB HDD not enough BT4R2

    That is not unusual. You could remove some tools you are not using from the distro but keep in mind that it might break also dependencies of other tools if you just uninstall "something".
    16 GB would be the best since it allows you to store quite some data of your own. 8 GB is really the absolute minimum leaving almost no space for the user as you described.
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    Default Re: Is GB HDD not enough BT4R2

    Thanks for the feedback, i was hoping it would be ok with 8gb since that's the max drive size in my netbook. since it has an SD card slot, i think i will use that with a 16gb sd card to get me going. hopefully there is not a big hit on performance when installing on the sd card.

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