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Thread: question about wireless compatibility

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    Default question about wireless compatibility

    I tried backtrack 4 a while ago but I had no network

    My wireless card isn't in the hardware compatibility list.
    I have an Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter...
    I can use cuse command like airmon-ng start wlan 0
    it works, i can also use aircrack and airodump...
    but my controller isn't shown in ifconfig, and i never managed to access the internet

    I retried with bactrack 4 rc2 and... it didn't work either :'(
    so i planned to buy a wifi dongle (in the compatibility list this time ^^')

    But I wonder if it would work or if I need to change the wireless card completely...
    could someone tell me please? =)

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    Default Re: question about wireless compatibility

    It should work. Does it show up with iwconfig?
    Start networking and start wicd. Click the preferences tab on the wicd gui and make sure that you have wlan0 as your wireless interface.
    Then try ifconfig.

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    Default Re: question about wireless compatibility

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    Default Re: question about wireless compatibility

    It does work. What are the exact commands you use? Because just typing in ifconfig it will not show you your wirless interface you have to bring it up by using the up command in ifconfig. Did you do these next commands?

    root@bt~# iwconfig
    iwconfig command is to find your wireless interface.
    root@bt~# /etc/init.d/networking start
    OR you can use the the bottom one I personally like the bottom better.
    root@bt~# start-network
    Now did your command look like the one below? And if so what did you get?
    root@bt~# ifconfig wlan0 up
    And where I put in wlan0 I got from reading your post.

    Also did you get the next command but this time with error 132?
    root@bt~# ifconfig interface up
    SIOCSIFFLAGS Unknown error 132
    If you get that error you need to look at THIS website off of backtrack.

    It happens to be because of the rfkill switch. So even tho you are able to see you interface the drivers rtl8187 tend to not agree with the rfkill. Your card should be compatible but until the developers of the rtl8187 make a better driver to address the rfkill. You will have to follow that website of backtrack that I sent you to force the drivers off of the rfkill (radio frequency kill).

    If that was your problem use dustyboner replay by going into the wicd manager. And then clicking the prefreences tab, in the wireless modual type in your interface if its not in there. In your case wlan0 from what you posted.

    But did you get that 132 error?

    When you plug in your device and you are able to see the interface in the airmon. Use this command.
    root@bt~# lsmod|grep rt
    If it list's rtl8187 then yes you should have that problem and going to that site will help you address a work around to the problem.
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