Dear BackTrack Master,

i've already read BT forum about the impossibility of making mac capable to set Backtrack LIVE USB PERSISTENT MODE

but, recently...., i have found this tutorial
( )

my apologize before, but FYI, i'm a total newbie about linux..., thus i've chosen BT as my start point of loving linux..., and i'm already fallin in love

my question,

1. i don't understand about the tutorial ( ). It is said that it's not a live usb start up disk..., but at the end of the post, i've found that he state

"After following these steps, you will have a flash drive that is fully capable of loading Ubuntu onto any PC (that can boot from USB) and any Intel Mac."

what is it actually ..., a live usb or a live cd running from usb ?

2. i haven't tried it (since i need more infos about linux..., and i'm to afraid for crashing my HDD), and based on the post, it is said that it would likely worked with all linux variant..., so.. is it possible for BT running in mac?

3. assuming that the tutorial is a live cd running from usb..., is it possible to make it persistent?

4. please..., i'm really loved it, if there are any way to make BT LIVE USB PERSISTENT MODE running in MAC..., do you have any info?

5. Thank You before for replying, i'd really.. really appreciate if you all would shared, i had non to ask here.., and the one who post the tutorial never showed up again, so you're all my final hope...,
and my sincerest apologize for the language or the grammar

Sincerely, and Best Regards,
Indonesia - Surabaya