since a couple of days my SET Java applet attack stopped working. I used to test this succesfully on my local lan but all of a sudden when i try start handler and redirect my clients to the webserver i see that its trying to send the stage files but nothing happens. When i check on the clients i dont see the cloned website but scrambled text..

I tried to update metasploit and SET but i always get the same results. I also tried with and without self-signed certificate but no go.

It used to work on the same clients, but it looks like that it stopped working since i've updated? its on version 1.1.1.

also, after specifying the port and saying no to linux support its launcing the website i can see the following:

use server/capture/smb
...... Auxiliary module running as background job

cant remember ever seeing that..

any help is appriciated.