Hello my name is marc from spain, first of all i want to give thanks in advance to eveybody that can hel me.

The problem is:

I work with backtrack 4 charging from cd , i decide to intall the software to hard disk , using the archive in the desktop names : Install.sh

i think that make a mistake because i click forward all the time not change nothing

1 step was choose the city
2 step was keyboard layout
3 step was preare disk space ( i think that here was my mystake ) i press the first option that is : Guided - resize scsi3 (0,0,0), partition 1

the other steps dont remeber

the question is i think that i delete the windows 7 partition.

My level in linux is nothing

is my job computer and i am complete desesperate i somebody i will be very glad

hope that not lose all the info in my laptop, have a lot of important info.

Thanks in advanced for you help