Over the last few months I have been trying to get more familiar with BackTrack4. I have noticed when using the 802.11 wireless vulnerability assessment tools, such as airmon-ng/aircrack-ng within a virtual environment using VMWare Workstation, BackTrack continues to produce errors when trying to start the WLAN0/MON0 interfaces one particular USB ports.

The error it produces is - "ioctl(SI0CSIFFLAGS) failed: unknown error 132"

As soon as I disconnect the external wireless antenna I am using (Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW) from VMWare and the PC/laptop itself and re-connect to a different USB port, it works fine within VMWare for a period of time and then the error re-occurs. Often moving from USb port to USB port or affecting two at the same time.

This occurs when using both the virtual machine direct from the BackTrack website as well as the live CD ISO within VMWare.

However, when I use BackTrack 4 (VM & ISO) with the same applications and hardware on the very same PC within a virtual environment using Oracle VirtualBox and the same USB ports as before, everything works fine, even immediately after the error appeared in VMWare prior to a system re-boot or the adaptor being disconnected and without any system changes being made.

This has occurred on numerous machines I have tried.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, found a solution, other than just using VirtualBox? I would like to get this resolved to work within VMWare in order to use such functionality as recording items for discussing and review at a later date and the option to view at a desired full widescreen resolution etc.

I have checked the FAQ's and the Wiki, however, nothing jumps out at me about this subject.

System configuration -

Physical PC -
• Windows 7 Professional
• i5 CPU
• 4GB DDR Memory
VMWare Workstation - 7.1.1 build 282343
Oracle VirtualBox - 4.0.0 r69151
BackTrack 4 R2 (VM & ISO)